Airs of grandeur

Madrid (Source: Commons)

Madrid (Source: Commons)

Airs of grandeur is an expression that people associate with arrogance and pageantry. Napoleon lost his throne due to his airs of grandeur, and so did many others. Airs is something tautly construed by the Western society.

My bias truth is that having airs of grandeur is nothing more than one of the many edges of the personality. Airs, greed and a like for violence may turn people into assassins. Otherwise, airs, a sense of rightness and money could sketch a philanthropic awareness.

There are too many people who give themselves airs when things go well and the way is paved. However, there are a lack of people with airs when the economy is bad, the government takes hard measures and people is full of desperation in their struggle with surviving. The airs of the construction workers were bad just a few years ago because they were mixed in bad concrete mixers, and countries such as Ireland, USA and Spain have suffered because of them. Now that Ireland and Spain are in crisis, we need airs, and a lot of airs. But we need a different kind of them. By means of them, we need to retrieve the happiness of creating things and achieving new good goals. We need the willingness to do things otherwise.


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