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Is bad literature a sin?

There are people who rant against the literature of lousy level quite often. They think it makes no good and even sometimes claim that the demonic forces of the Universe will emerge from the earth to strike us back because of our daring… I know, I’m raving quite a lot. But I did not used to understand why people adore some books. I mean, why on earth people spend so many hours reading –so to speak- The Da Vinci Code instead to Virginia Woolf?

There’re many possible answers and counter-answers related with boring arguments such as maturity, likes, enlightenment and a wider range of prospective readers. You can imagine all of them, can’t you? Well, I encourage avid readers to read bad stories for their personal sake. These are my reasons.

One possible advantage is that reading a not elaborate story allows you not to get too immerse in the plot, as long as your tastes are different. Why is it good? Because your reading time spans farther, since you could read in situations in which you just cannot concentrate enough to follow a complex piece’s plot. An example could be reading in the train while you’re going to work.

Ok, that is a bit lame in case you read to get any knowledge apart from having fun. Why do I want to read more books if they don’t deserve their reading? Actually, I think a soft book in between two great works can distract you from all kinds of complexity. Somehow your brain relaxes while reading the softer book. Also, starting a major work afterwards may be a breakthrough in your reading by contrast. I used the aforementioned intercalation successfully to dodge reading crisis.

Turning about-face, it must be pointed out that a lot of minor books are easier to get you into the reading. Reading them is useful to start having fun in a new language, let alone they are more accessible to people who don’t read often.

Another turnabout leads pedantic readers to the real world. Yes, people who only read excellent literature are sometimes off the mortal world. Popular bestsellers are a common topic of newspapers, news, cinema addicts and common people. While reading them you may discover that literature have more goals than those you used to imagine.

Last but not least, time gives reasons to the literature pieces. It may happen a despised book turns into a new classic. Are you ready to be the first in measuring its value?

What is it as for me? Well, I began to read in English roughly a year ago, since it’s not my native tongue. All kind of books can help me with that. (Just an annotation: if anyone spots a typo in my blog, feel free to comment it!)

Surely these reasons don’t convince everybody. But remember, everyone has got different tastes which must be respected. Don’t be that bookish.