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Another building shows off

Probably, a newbie spectator of this building would say: ‘What strange it looks like! Those are pillars, really?’ Indeed they are, although there is a concrete core which supports the most of the efforts.

The main idea is quite simple. If there is a quantity of efforts at the very base to convey to the earth, there will be only a half in some plant, an even less up the building. As the structure is made with concrete slabs, it is possible to locate the pillars where it is wanted to. Otherwise the structure would be more regular. Also, some pillars are no longer needed beyond some story.

Not to forget the passerby, I must say that quaint structure does its best to show off. In fact, the effect is very well achieved from my opinion. Nonetheless, after I had consulted a book for the plants design, I thought they are just correct. I must warn that I have not study at them thoroughly, and of course there are some remarkable details such as the ramp oblique position. But, could the building have been developed by focusing on the plants design instead of the structures show-off? Sure. I do not know if it would be better, though. Now let look at the street and think it is supposed to be Lima. Now, let think about the expense of a red colored concrete. Although concrete may be a cheap material in Peru, are costs really worthwhile? I do not know, it is just something to think through.

Anyway, its impressive facades and structure idea really appeal to me.